About Us

Tyler Maxwell
Project Manager / Designer

Tyler Maxwell was born and raised in Bozeman into an active family enjoying outdoor activities and Extensive travel. As a result, Tyler developed a love of the outdoors and the appreciation of cultures and the environment. He was a dedicated and competitive athlete in ski racing and kayaking. These endeavors allowed him to form the discipline and focus in many areas of his life.

He graduated from Montana State University, 2006, with a degree in graphic design and has worked in many different creative fields making himself a well-rounded professional in the design and marketing industry.  Tyler has worked as an industrial sign builder, real estate marketing director and free-lance designer. In 2009 he teamed up with Todd Heath to form Vast Collective, a full service design and marketing company, In addition to Vast Collective Tyler helped produced and distributed a ski, snowboard and art based magazine and website called Bomb Snow which Todd had started in 2005. The magazine grew exponentially from 2009 -2011 and the two of them decided to start a summer magazine and website called Bomb Flow. Bomb Flow immediately gained popularity through web video series and innovative promotional concepts. Through Bomb Flow Tyler gained lots of knowledge in web management and social media marketing among other cutting edge web tools. Now Tyler is pursuing a long talked about dream of bringing together some of Bozeman’s most creative minds in their respected fields to form Vast Collective. 

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