Who We Are

The Idea.

Vast Collective is a group of like-minded entities with different skill sets that have formed an alliance to provide innovative ideas that energize clients and promote growth. We all have our individual talents and it's downright awesome when we get together and execute an idea.

"If it's not broke, don't fix it"" is a philosophy we don't live by. Branding and marketing in today's technological environment change every day. We need to progress to learn from this evolving environment and continually adapt and develop new avenues to keep ideas fresh and interest peaked.

Our Philosophy

Flexible. Nimble.

It's about the fact that we share responsibility on multiple project with multiple clients. With our team, we can cover all the bases, and when we need a pinch hitter,we know where to find those partners. What that means is that we can do more for less. More ideas. Less bureaucracy. Grand results. Easier on the wallet.

Thinking on the fly. Asking the right questions. Having to keep up with the "next, best thing." What new advances are there in print materials that are eco-friendly? What web or mobile applications might help our clients success? What effect does a video have if it goes viral on YouTube?

Our Process

Learn. Create. Adapt.

Learn. Communication is King. Research is Vital. Who's done it well and who hasn't and why? We sit down and talk to our clients and get to know exactly what makes them passionate.

Create. The basis for a cost-effective, yet highly successful marketing strategy seems complicated. But ask the right questions, get the right answers and combine that with some seriously beautiful design, and you have yourself the start to something good.

Adapt. Why have a pre-determined schedule when the world doesn't? We have the flexibility to take the answers and run with it, then ask more questions, look at the ROI and metrics and then change on a dime if needed.

Who's Involved

Tyler Maxwell

Project Manager / Designer

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Dan Armstrong


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Reid Morth


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Todd Heath

Print Design / Brand Development

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